Spiral provides project leadership and has a strong track record of success, demonstrating positive outcomes and sustainable impact at individual school and organisational levels.

Vision, integrity and co-construction are fundamental to success and underpin our approach. Working in partnership with senior leaders, Spiral has secured significant grant funding, including successful bids to DfE, Education Endowment Foundation and the Arts Council. These grants are enabling the development of innovative approaches and capacity-building at local level. Spiral further provides coaching and quality assurance to ensure project effectiveness is sustained, supporting a culture of continuous improvement.

Maths Counts

Spiral worked alongside senior leaders at The Mead Teaching School to secure an Education Endowment Foundation grant and to provide project leadership and website design and build for Maths Counts (2015—2016). Maths Counts is an innovative maths intervention programme to support children in Key Stage 2 to develop skills in maths, and master the art of learning to learn. Read more…


Early Years Connect

The Early Years Connect project has been instrumental in creating an evolving peer to peer support and challenge approach to quality improvement in Early Years practice. Working in partnership with senior leaders from The Mead Teaching School Alliance, Spiral secured a project grant to develop the role of the Early Years Practice Development Partner (EYPDP), supporting the alliance in growing sector-led system leadership capacity. Spiral is providing ongoing coaching and quality assurance to forge new partnerships and to ensure that impact is sustained. Read more…

Clay Narratives

Clay Narratives is an early years communication-based project to develop children’s talk – using clay as a medium. The Clay Narratives project enables practitioners to develop creative approaches to developing children’s early language and communication. Practitioners work alongside a potter to acquire the skills of a new craft. Practitioner learning is mediated by an education consultant, providing guidance on how children’s experiences through clay can be scaffolded and extended to maximise language and thinking skills.

‘Clay holds such potential for children’s learning and provokes stimulating and imaginative conversation’ (EYP, Bath & NE Somerset project)

This creative project is co-led by an education consultant and potter. Read more…


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