Spiral Associates is working in partnership with The Mead Teaching School to embed a strategy for school-led research and development.  The Mead Teaching School has been designated as a Lead School nationally for Research and Development.

Spiral Research provides a model of research and inquiry that promotes confidence and has shown to be highly effective in inspiring practitioners to take a leading role in transforming practice. As practitioners journey through the Spiral, they are empowered with the skills to shape and refine new pedagogical approaches in their own contexts.

Spiral Research

Reports and Publications

Publications produced in collaboration with The Mead Teaching School

Research Culture
Research into Action
School led research
National Research Themes

Key features of this work include:


Developing a professional research culture

Embedding research as a core strand of school improvement

Role of SLE as a Research Mentor

Facilitating school-led Learning Communities (‘Learning Setts’)

Maturity model for R&D across the Teaching School Alliance

Quality Assurance


Spiral Associates (Bath) Ltd

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