Shaping Inspirational Leadership

Leadership training for senior and middle school leaders

Key features of the programme


  • Bespoke leadership training
  • Focus on effective change management
  • ‘Shaping’ leadership styles to meet current priorities
  • Establishing direction through reflection and team activities
  • Team building through dynamic, interactive training
  • Theoretical input to support effective leadership
  • Networking opportunity
  • Post-training reviews and support
Inspirational Leadership training at The Mead Teaching School

The Programme Overview

This 3 day leadership course examines how flexibility in our leadership style/roles, can promote effective leadership, particularly when it comes to change. Delegates will explore Cameron and Green’s five change leadership roles – all of which need to be present to some degree within the leadership team.

Adopting these five roles together will:

  • act as a catalyst for change
  • develop frameworks, designs and fit between strategies and action
  • encourage engagement and buy-in from people
  • focus on a sense of purpose and connectivity across the organisation and beyond
  • bring rigour to projects plans, deadlines and progress to achieve results.

Cameron and Green’s leadership roles will be considered in the context of leadership team activity within individual schools and across your Trust. Copies of the publication, ‘Making Sense of Change Management’ by Mike Greene will be available for individual school teams.

The new National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers (January 2015) will provide a further important reference for our thinking.

We will support each leadership team to frame a research question relating to a current priority/challenge. Each team will be supported to identify the key actions and leadership roles required to address this priority to ensure a collaborative, solutions-focussed approach. This will be supported through three facilitated group sessions and inter-sessional coaching at individual school level.

Pre-course preparation


Reflect on your own leadership journey, mapping significant events/experiences that have shaped your leadership style, actions and aspirations. These may be both personal and professional.


More often than not, leaders have been influenced by a particular framework, model or insight that has inspired their thinking and leadership style. Is there a particular experience, theory, inspiration that has stayed with you during your journey, and that you return to as an important reference point?

Shared experiences

You will be invited to share aspects of your leadership journey and your significant insight/ inspiration with others during the session. This exchange will give rise to rich learning and enable us to learn more about one another’s experiences and vision for leadership.

Managers light a fire beneath.  Leaders light a fire within.


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